Animal Study Subjects  
Study subjects at the Animal Cancer Center (ACC) are client owned companion animals (dogs and cats) with spontaneously occurring cancers. These animals, especially dogs, are excellent research models because:
  Cancers resemble humans in size, cell kinetics, and biology
  “Real-world” environment (not artificial laboratory)
  Highly compliant patients (motivated owners)
  Human-like treatment protocols: adjunctive to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  Novel drug vectors are feasible
  Patients are not immuno-compromised, inbred-rodents with xenobiotic implanted tumors
  Cancer Treatment research community and investment decision makers put high value on companion animal data
  Genetically diverse like humans
  Genetically diverse like humans
  Similar oncogenes and tumor suppressor pathways to humans
  Comparative histologies in melanoma, NHL, leukemia, OSA, soft tissue sarcoma, prostate, mammary, lung, head and neck and bladder carcinoma
  Excellent model to study new treatment methods (inhalation) and to develop translatable novel therapeutics
  More time efficient, less cost, better model than rodents
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