Summary Information for 2009-2010 Cancer Supercluster RFP  
Total number of grant applications: 18
  Number of applications to the Cancer Biology Subcluster: 7
Number of applications to the Exp. Therapeutics Subcluster: 7
Number of applications to the Musculoskeletal Subcluster: 4
Number of grants awarded: 6
  Total amount awarded: $179,850
Average award: $29,975
Range of award amount: $9,000-35,250
Total number of faculty who applied for funding
  53 (includes duplicate submissions)
43 (excludes duplicates)
Individuals awarded funding proposals: 15 (3 individuals are involved with 2 proposals each)
  Barbara Biller (Asst. Prof, CVMBS, Clinical Sciences)
Jill Slansky (Assoc. Prof, Immunology, CU-Denver)
Colin Clay (Professor, CVMBS, Biomedical Sciences)
Dawn Duval (Asst. Prof, CVMBS, Clinical Sciences)
Nicole Ehrhart (Assoc. Prof, CVMBS, Clinical Sciences)
Susan P. James (Professor and Director, School of Biomedical Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
Douglas H. Thamm (Asst. Prof., CVMBS, Clinical Sciences)
Ryan Hansen (Research Scientist II, CVMBS, Clinical Sciences)
Tad Koch (Professor, Chemistry, U of CO at Boulder)
Benjamin Barthel (Postdoctoral Research Associate, U of Co at Boulder)
Debra Kamstock (Research Scientist II, CVMBS, Clinical Sciences)
Daniel L. Gustafson (Assoc. Prof., CVMBS, Clinical Sciences)
Andre Ptitsyn (Asst. Prof, CVMBS, MIP)
Richard Slayden (Assoc. Prof, CVMBS, MIP)
Howard Liber (Professor, CVMBS, ERHS)
Number of Schools (Research Institutions) Represented: 4
  Colorado State University
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Colorado at Denver
William Beaumont Hospital
Number of Colleges represented (CSU only): 5
  Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Natural Science
Agricultural Sciences
Applied Human Sciences
Number of Departments represented (CSU only): 10
  Clinical Sciences
Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology
Biomedical Engineering
Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Horticulture and Landscape
Number of applications that involved an outside company: 5
Beaumont Research Institute
Poudre Valley Health System
Scottish Crop Research Institute
  Summary of Funded Proposals  
Amount   Title   PI   Co-PI   Subcluster
$35,250   Improving the design of antigen-specific vaccines for cancer   Barbara Biller, Jill Slansky       CB
$35,250   Identification of breast cancer metastasis suppressors by functional in vivo screening   Colin Clay, Dawn Duval       CB
$35,250   Smart osteointegrative implants for delivery of antibiotics in limb salvage patients   Nicole Ehrhart, Susan James   Doug Thamm   MS
$35,250   Carboxylesterase-activated Doxazolidine-prodrug for Hepatocellular Carcinoma   Ryan Hansen, Tad Koch, Benjamin Barthel   Debra Kamstock, Daniel Gustafson   ET
$29,850   Elucidating molecular mechanisms and markers of metastasis in murine osteosarcoma   Dabra Kamstock, Dawn Duval   Doug Thamm, Andre Ptitsyn, Richard Slayden   CB
$9,000   Development of undergraduate cancer course   Howard Liber       CB
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