Musculoskeletal Biology and Oncology Group  

The Musculoskeletal Biology and Oncology (MuSBO) group at CSU represents diverse research groups in several different Departments and Colleges all with the common thematic research and clinical focus of Musculoskeletal Biology and Oncology. The group meets once per month and participates in collaborative research projects covering basic science, biomedical engineering, clinical orthopedics and surgical oncology.

This collaborative group creates educational and research opportunities for graduate students and veterinarians in specialty training.

  1. ACC Musculoskeletal Oncology LabEhrhart / Ryan
  2. Orthopedic Biomechanics Research lab – James / Puttlitz
  3. Equine Orthopedic Research Center - McIlwraith
      Current Research Areas
      Gait Analysis Lab - Haussler
  4. Small Ruminant Comparative Orthopedic LabTurner
  5. Animal Cancer Center
      Radiation Oncology
      Diagnostic Imaging
  6. Educational Opportunities
      School of Biomedical Engineering
      Veterinary and Oncology Training
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